1) Preliminary

The PSRP calculator is designed to solve very quickly the problem of determination of the maximum distance of a passive sonar discovery.
PSRP solves the transcendent system in R:

after variable insertion:

-Marine environment:

2)Detail input data:


Marine environment:

3)Intermediate detail results from PSRP:

Data list:

4) Detail output data from PSRP

Output data:
Range ( R ) calculated with iterative numerical method :

Range ( R ) calculated with graphical method :

5)Example to use PSRP

Input data:

F1 = 8000 Hz
F2 = 12400 Hz
A = 60 cm
H = 90 cm
RC = 1 Sec.
P(FA) = 10%
P(D) = 60%

Marine environment:
Prop. = Sph.
Ds = 15 Kn
SS = 2

we obtain:

-Intermediate data:

-Calculated distance R :

Control panel example:

6)Download PSRP ( exe VB6 )


7)Observations on destroyer's noise levels

The calculated noise levels are related to the second World War destroyers.
At present, new naval units noise levels are not known: that's why we suggest to assume a speed value lower than the one used for the example given.


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